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Gain a competitive edge in investment management

Alternative Data Analytics for Investment Decisions

Envestnet | Yodlee Data Analytics enables investors to gain a competitive edge with timely, unique, and accurate market insights, spending, and income data analytics so they can better manage investments on behalf of their customers.

By turning de-identified data into insights, we enable asset, investment, and portfolio managers to:

  • Seek out alpha-generating positions
  • Improve investment decisions
  • Monitor current investments
  • Help manage risk

Market Insights Powered by Alternative Data Analytics


Gain a competitive edge in portfolio management with timely and comprehensive de-identified data analytics which informs investment and risk management decision-making.

Predictive Revenue Signals

Act on predictive revenue signals for a growing number of consumer staples companies and beyond to forecast performance.

Payroll Trends

Get hard-to-find, industry-leading, payroll data analytics for major employers and unlock insights into employment trends across industries.

Essential Aggregated Spending Data Analytics

Invest and manage risk with confidence with de-identified, aggregated, accurate and ready-to-use spending data analytics providing essential KPIs for U.S. merchants.

Comprehensive Consumer Spending Trends & Income Data Analytics

Gain unique and accurate market visibility to better manage investments with near real-time (T+1) data analytics.

Security and Privacy Focused

Envestnet | Yodlee follows leading industry practices for data security and privacy and does not sell data that identifies consumers.

Big Data

What is Alternative Data Analytics

Alternative data analytics are types of data that are not traditionally used to inform investment strategies, aid in portfolio allocation and help manage risk. Big Data makes these types of data analytics sets more accessible and essential to investors.

In the past, institutional investors and investment managers would look at fundamental market data like company filings or earnings to inform their investment strategies. Investors are now looking at alternative data sets such as consumer spending trends, survey data, weather forecasts, social media data, and more to make their decisions.

Traditional data sources like quarterly or annually reported SEC filings, financial statements, sales figures, and more are limiting in that they are released infrequently relative to market movement. Alternative data analytics help add new levels of insight to market activity and business trends that are delivered faster than traditional sources.

Data analytics aggregation specialists like Envestnet | Yodlee provide organizations comprehensive alternative data sets from over 17,000 global data sources covering 30 million + de-identified individuals. With such reach, Envestnet | Yodlee’s data analytics helps enable organizations with the most accurate information needed to take advantage of alternative data insights.

Leaders in the Industry

Data Enrichment

Consistent, and detailed data enrichment is critical to uncovering actionable data analytics insights. As the leading aggregation platform that owns the aggregation process from acquisition to delivery, Envestnet | Yodlee’s aggregation process incorporates over 17,000 data sources and touches over 30 million active users.

The unique combination of breadth and depth provides Envestnet | Yodlee with the largest, most comprehensive data coverage in the industry. When paired with our sophisticated machine learning techniques, the result is a highly enriched set of digitized transactions which leads the industry in transaction categorization accuracy.

With Envestnet | Yodlee data enrichment, data analytics users receive insights with consistently enriched data such as merchant name, location and many more. The information is categorized and contextualized based on the learnings from billions of transactions contained in the Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Data Platform.

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Income and Spending Trends

Covid-19 Trends

In addition to the significant public health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus has had a profound effect on the financial security of many Americans. Amidst an uncertain economic environment, consumer financial behavior has changed drastically and policymakers, eager to provide vital economic assistance to those who need it most, may not have access to critically-important data that can help inform their actions. Envestnet | Yodlee COVID-19 Income and Spending Trends provides insight into how the current environment is financially impacting Americans.

Insights and analytics can be a very powerful tool in decision-making for businesses, individuals and the government to make informed decisions toward helping us all navigate through this crisis.

Aggregated Spending Analytics

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Sharpen investment strategy with aggregated, pre-packaged spending data analytics providing clean, accurate and ready to use KPIs. Get near real-time insights on consumer spending, subscriptions, brand loyalty and more.

  • Access Ready-to-use KPIs
  • Get Unmatched Signals
  • Count on Pre-selected Tickers
  • Receive Near Real-time

Use Case

Early, Accurate Market Intelligence. Here's a Prime Example.

Envestnet? | Yodlee? Data Analytics gives you the competitive intelligence and accurate market visibility you need to make informed decisions. Predictive insight is elusive in turbulent times. Our consumer spending data analytics gives a view into broad market activity, so you can see trends as they emerge. One example is our view into this year’s Amazon Prime? Day. Results outperformed previous years, reinforcing the strong shift to online shopping in 2020.

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Learn more about Envestnet | Yodlee’s high-quality, aggregated data insights and how it powers strategic investment decisions.

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Navigate Changing Markets with Consumer Spending Trends & Income Analytics

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