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They are very professional and easy to work with! ... the best translators and writers I know!
— I.W.

Our network of meticulously tested specialists can translate almost any language pair in existence. Rely on our quality-controlled, technology-assisted translation process and you are guaranteed a refined end result every single time.

Localization involves the adaptation of content created for a particular audience into something that is palatable for another, often completely culturally divergent, group of people. This may involve simple changes such as vocabulary modification or more complex changes in tone and overall message.

Executive Summary 
By creating an easy to read, abridged version of foreign documents and/or media we save you time and allow you to stay informed about what is happening around the world.

Database Creation
Because of a significant investment in state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer a translation memory and terminology database that will ensure that your message is consistent even if different translators are used. Projects that are able to leverage an existing database are usually completed in a appreciably shorter time span. 

Whether you are a large corporation with language service procurement issues or a smaller business wondering how best to expand into foreign markets, Gorenstein Group can help. Our consulting group has helped hundreds of businesses improve their internal processes and sharpen their global message.  Some of our most commonly requested services include: International Expansion Plan Creation; Cross-Cultural Business Consulting;  Localization Management; Outsourcing; Streamlining of International Subsidiary Reporting; and Establishment of Language Procurement Best Practices.

Because our client’s needs often extend beyond the translation of written documents, we provide audio and video transcription into text and subsequent translation into any language. So, if you’d like to understand the board meeting of a foreign oil company or study the content of a television show broadcast in another language we can be of service.

A translator is a language professional who has the ability to fully understand two different languages and typically has native-level proficiency in the target language in question. And while we only hire the best linguists available, it is said that two heads are better than one, and we agree. That is why your document or media will be always reviewed by more than one professional with the kind of specialized knowledge and care that your documents deserve.


We are a boutique firm that serves a handful of customers at a time. We encourage customers to train their own staff on how to make documents more "translatable", on localization processes and other useful content areas. We can also teach your employees language skills they could not learn by taking a university course.




The Gorenstein Group Way

Know and Trust your project manager 
Whether you want a translation from English to Portuguese or English to Spanish, or even Spanish to Portuguese or English to French, the same project manager will assist you - always. You never need to explain the same thing over and over. You can be sure you will get what you need when you need it.

We've got your back(up)
Accidents happen all the time. You don’t want to lose your files because of one of these accidents or even misplace them because of a small oversight. Therefore, we can backup your files in whichever format is most convenient for you and keep them safe for you. So, if you are overwhelmed or if your computer crashes, call us to recover both your original and translated files.

Your secrets are ours to keep
Nowadays, businesses cannot afford lose control of the flow of information. If managed improperly, a nuisance can cost millions and be a source of great public embarrassment. To prevent this sort of thing from ever taking place, Gorenstein Group has taken numerous precautions that are targeted directly at ensuring confidentiality. First, we require that all our translators be licensed, certified, and experienced professionals. We also demand that they sign confidentiality agreements that protect clients from information sharing and strictly prohibit our translators from disclosing confidential information in internet translation portals. Our computer networks are secured with 128-bit encryption 24/7 and inspected with great care for signs of unwanted worms and viruses. We go beyond what our competitors can afford to do and set the standard for confidentiality in the industry.

No questions asked
If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with one of our representatives, we will immediately assign your account to another person – no questions asked!  

Your files, Your way 
Because of our very extensive experience in the desktop publishing and document management industries we have acquired licenses for a wide variety of software titles. So, if your document was created with software that is already integrated into your system, Gorenstein Group is the place you’re most likely to find a translator willing and able to work in that same format.

We speak your language 
Our South Florida based representatives are all multilingual and can help you resolve issues and make requests in your native language.


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